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Help Wanted
-Artists for simple Hargaden Killer gfx


Black Engine



To Do:
- Tag Image
- Timing Class
- Collision Detection
- Collision Response


The Black engine is more of a learning project then anything but it is turning into an interesting app. Original intended as a proof of concept for creating an OpenGL window it has grown into my platform for all OpenGL and Win32 related learning. As it grows and advances my brother will be taking over certain aspects to devide the work load and maybe produce something usefull one day.


Well I started working on BE again after about 2 months of college ;) So in the past two weeks I have put a lot of work into building the framework for 2D components such as printing text to the screen and HUD elements. Iíve also developed a timing class to calculate FPS and scale frame rate dependent calculations so everything runs the same speed on all computers. Next Up! Collision Detection! Weíll see how that goes. At some point I also need to build a new World Loader to load in Milk Shape files. Then I can implement lighting! (Milk Shape calculates normals for you.) So without further ado here is the first release of Black Engine. Mind you itís a developer release just for stress testing purposes; I need to find out how my timing class functions on a wide range of computers. So please send me any feedback you have via email, I would GREATLY appreciate it. Read the READ ME.txt for what Iím looking for.

Q: What is "Black Engine"?
A: It is an 3D graphics engine coded in C++ using low level OpenGL.

Q: Why is it called "Black Engine"?
A: Because when I first started developing my own engine the first goal was to get the window to turn black since that is how you know you finaly have OpenGL rendering to the window. So the only point of the engien at first was to display blackness. Thus Black Engine.

Q: What will it be used for?
A: The initial project for Black Engine will be the 3rd installment of the Hargaden Killer series.


Black Engine Screen Shots:

-Hargaden Killer 3D in development

-Web game dead
Project Updates
-Plan B Finished, download

-Plan B Demo and screen shots released

-CDepth files missing


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