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The Hargaden Killer Game Series


Welcome to the home of the Illustrious line of Hargaden Killer tm* Games. Feel free to browser around our extensive product line.

Hargaden Killer 1 - Lost and gone to the sands of time...
Hargaden Killer 2 - Game - Source - Current Version: 2.1
Hargaden Killer 3D -In Development!


DR Studios is proud to announce the development of a new game in the Hargaden Killer Series. Hargaden Killer 3D! Yes thats right the 3rd installment in the entertainment power house will have revolutionary 3D graphics that put you in our hero Jack Middleton's flip flops like never before.

DR Studios has just finished negotiations with both Jack Middleton and Hargaden to use pictures and even voice this time around from both of them to insure that HK3D will be the most realistic Hargaden Slaughtering experience to date.


Well we got this spiffy new site up now so check here for all Hargaden Killer news. So what news is there you might say. Well the 3D graphics engine that will power Hargaden Killer 3D is called "Black Engine". I have set up a separate site for it for those interested in the more technical aspects of it, check it out here. Any way it is coming along well. I just last night implemented Mouse Look for the control scheme. To night I plan to add in a tag image to be rendered to every frame as well as a timing class to keep it running the same speed on all computers. Once thats all done and I'm done moving into college I'll work on collision detection. So all that will take a while. Once it's done though work on the actual "game" aspects of Hargaden Killer 3D will begin so stay tuned for those.


So how did the entertainment power house that is Hargaden Killer get started? Well it all began one day in my C++ class when we were learning something incredibly basic so I began going ahead and teaching my self. In a few minutes I had figured out enough I wanted to make my self a game. Looking for what to make it about I looked right and looked left and the first person I saw was my fat beady eyed friend Hargaden. So with haste I began coding. Soon needing a hero I looked to my other side and there was my friend Jack Middleton. And thus the entertainment revolution that is Hargaden Killer was born. I lost the code to Hargaden Killer 1 but it sucked any way so play Hargaden Killer 2 and shut up.

*Couldn't figure out how to register a trade mark, well really didn't care to any way so…


Hargaden Killer Series Screen Shots:

-Hargaden Killer 3D in development

-Web game dead
Project Updates
-Plan B Finished, download

-Plan B Demo and screen shots released

-CDepth files missing


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