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-Artists for simple Hargaden Killer gfx


posted by: Jeb_Radec

Wow well its uhÖ been a while. Almost 2 years now since I did anything with Dark Rock. In fact over 2 years. But Iím coming back with vengeance! And some news too. After I stopped mapping I started programming and long story short eventually learned C++ and created 2 little games while I was learning. Hargaden Killer 1 & 2. Head over to the new Hargaden Killer Project page to check them out. So I continued learning C++ and recently started learning OpenGL. While looking for what my next project should be my brother brought up the Hargaden Killer series and it stuck. So the 3rd installment of the Hargaden Killer series is now in development and heres the kicker. Itís going to be 3D. So check out all the latest news and shots over at the Hargaden Killer section and hold on for Hargaden Killer 3D!
Or check out the Black Engine page for dedicated Black Engine info.


posted by: Jeb_Radec

PLAN B IS FINISHED! Yes thats right after countless hours of slaving away on my computer I have finialy finished my first single player map pack! I will soon be updating the Plan B project page with new screen shots, a download link and a status update. You can grab my new map pack here, I will soon be post some screen shots from my up coming project, a map for sven coop so look for thoughs. (Please note this map pack does have a few known bugs so read the readme and it is probably riddle with unknown bugs so any feedback on these would be most helpfull.


posted by: Jeb_Radec

I FINIALY FIXED THE LEVEL CHANGE PROBLEM! Yes i can FINIALY continue working on PlanB! Ill finish that up as fast as possibly and finialy release my 1st single player level :) Also iv got a solid start on a new Sven Coop map, looks good and people seem to like the play style so once i finish Plan B ill get back to my Sven map and get some screen shots and a page on it up. CHECK BACK! (though not to soon i never seem to update often lol)


posted by: Jeb_Radec

Well after a very long and much needed break were back. Sadly, I'm missing my C Depth files (many many hours of my life were subseqently lost with them), so when i decided to start mapping again I took an old entity test map i had made a while back and started turning it into a small single player level pack. I finished off the first segment and have released it as a teaser, so go to our files page and pick it up. Work is coming along well on the rest of it so check the Plan B project page often for new screen shots.


posted by: Jeb_Radec

Still setteling into our new page we have some new scripts that will make viewing the screen shots a hell of a lot better. But this news is nothing comaired to what else we have to report :) Head over to teh Crush Depth Project section for the first look aboard the USS SeaWolf! I released a internal alpha just to give team members an idea of what im doing with it. Im working on the next level b/c much of the scripting ill have to do will need parts of both levels. We are also starting to talk about our larger project WHL.SPE again which we are going to resume once i finish Crush Depth. But thats not all! I'd like to welcome to the team LondonsDarkestChild (or LDC) who is our new modeler, check out the pic of some of his work. We are still in need of a skinner and later down the road we will be needing a coder for WHL.SPE. Lastly JMP will be making a flash intro for our site which should be very kewl :) It will be featuring music from Gob. Well i hope to have more updates as Crush Depth matures and i am working towards the release of a public beta of it so you all can get an idea of what your instore for with the finial release. So please go to the crush depth section and check out the "first look" screen shots i hope you enjoy them!


posted by: Jeb_Radec

Well as promised here it is our new look! Desighned from the ground up by our new web master Mentat Ix. Hopefully in adition to looking a hell of a lot better it will server a better purpose for you our users. Since not much has come out of this studio this alone would be huge news but wait there's more! I have been working hard on my new project, Crush Depth. Its a single player conversion for Half-Life where you take the role as Gordon Freeman (No relation of course to the Gordon freeman who works at the Black Messa Research Facility) cheif security officer aboard the newly recommitioned USS Sea Wolf whos primary duty is high security cargo transport. I will have more info on the back story in the project section soon along with some screen shots from the beta whcih i am releasing to some members of the development team on firday. I have also talked to several TFC players who have given me some great ideas for a Rock2 style TFC map which I may do while between this project and my next. There are lots of good things to come from this studio. Look for more information and screen shots on Crush Depth in the project section soon.
-Jeb out
-Hargaden Killer 3D in development

-Web game dead
Project Updates
-Plan B Finished, download

-Plan B Demo and screen shots released

-CDepth files missing


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