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Help Wanted
-Artists for simple Hargaden Killer gfx

Wasteland Half-Life Single Player Episode


Status- On Hold

Main idea-
The main idea behind our WHL SPE is to not only to do justice to Wasteland Half-Life but also to do something that we're almost sure hasn't been done in the HL engine before. We want to combine FPS elements with RPG elements in a blend with an over all plot. The real kicker is this, unlike other SPE's that release a story that you work through with a hollow character then forget our SPE will be centered around the character and the story equally. The SPE will be released in "weeks" of the characters life. And although there will be a over all plot driving the story from week to week there will be many sub plots that will be necessary to complete, please note that unlike in many RPGs these sub plots will all pertain to the over all plot so they don't seem pointless and shift the focus off of what's important. Additionally with in each week the plot structure will be nonlinear providing a more intelligent and more open-ended game play. More on that as we further develop it.

-Hargaden Killer 3D in development

-Web game dead
Project Updates
-Plan B Finished, download

-Plan B Demo and screen shots released

-CDepth files missing


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