Article: Paper Craft Mad Cat Build Log

Day 1 - 2

So Stacy found this PDF online a year ago, and I printed it out at Staples on card stock (sturdy paper) and have spent the last year trying to get Stacy to cut it out with an exacto-knife (my hands are a bit too shaky to do precision cutting like that). Last nite she finially finished. As she was finishing, I began assembling it. This is two nights worth of work so far:

Day 3

Spent over an hour tonight, and assembled 5 peices that make up this arm:

Day 4

Spent a little less then an hour tonight (I'm getting faster!) assembling the other arm:

Unfortunately, Stacy has become part of the couch and as such was unable to help...

Day 5 - 6

So, spent two days make this leg, lots of intricate pieces:

Day 7

It's DONE!!!!!!!!!

The last day! This was a monster, almost four hour session. I assembled the last leg, and all remaining pieces that I had been leaving un asembled: